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It's a New Day.

It’s a new day for marijuana in America. More than 65 million Americans live in one of the many states where cannabis is legal for adults 21 and over, and more than half of the country has laws on the books allowing medical marijuana in some form. This means more people than ever may try cannabis for the first time, or for the first time in several decades—which may as well be starting out all over again, given the light-years of progress in the ensuing generation.

So this is for you—you, the unstoned, who hasn’t seen a joint in 30 years or a dab, ever. Yes, I’ll explain what a “dab” is in a minute.

So, with weed as popular as it’s ever been, it’s easy to understand that a vast amount of users are mothers and fathers (like me). Educate yourself to your heart’s content, knowing that all around your city there are countless others doing the same damn thing, and not acting at all like a person under the influence. There are a lot of happy mofo’s out there.

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