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A little bit about me if your interested.

It's a pleasure to meet you...Enjoy your  journey.
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let's sesh



This is an amazing community, love my cannafam.


Flower is my favorite though!

My favorite dispo.

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I enjoy my concentrates.

Hello Love,


Here's the long and short of it . . . I've been smoking for Y E A R S, I am a LOVER of CANNABIS-THC-CBD and all the health benefits it has to offer.  I'm not a fan of big pharma/medications and the harm that they can do to your body. We have over 130 people a day that die from opioid-related drug overdoses.  I'm not looking to do anymore harm to my body nor get addicted to medications, and that's the main reason why I smoke weed. 

I love how it makes me feel especially on those stressful days.  Everyday, I see how Medical Marijuana (THC & CBD) has helped me with my aches, pains and stresses, and with that being said, I want to share the word of Medical Marijuana with everybody.  I speak first hand on how Medical Marijuana (THC & CBD) has not only helped me but my family as well.  My youngest developed anxiety after my hospital stay, then I developed it, then my oldest (WTF, it's like an epidemic in my household) . . .  CBD and indica strains were our BFF's along with some good TV.

My family has always been into holistic/natural remedies since I can remember.  It is something I grew up with and something I preach to my family & friends on the daily, "Natural is better" ! . . . so why not work on our ailments in the same manner, Naturally, with Medical Marijuana, God's gift to us.


So you know, I am NOT a doctor, scientist, or bud-tender, this is my story, the opinions here are mine and mine alone and this is my journey I want to share with you - I am hoping it is helpful in finding a dispensary you like, product you like and people you like.  But most importantly I hope you find health and happiness in your own journey.

Any question you have just drop me a line - @rsg.sexymama

PS.  I also enjoy the high and the creative freedom it gives me.  If you're interested, check out my cannabis report card here.


Happy Healthy Living - SQ788 -

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