Coffee, Cannabis & Conversation

I'm curious, how do you take your coffee? Do you elevate before, during, after or in your coffee?

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espresso cup with homemade rice crispy treat at chae cafe
Coffee is one of the world's most beloved hot beverages and pairs beautifully with cannabis to start the day.
In case you didn’t know, Americans love coffee & I love cannabis.

This journey began with a broken car and a need for a double shot of espresso! With my car out of commission and the Oklahoma Canna-fam being the best of the best -- I made mention that the ice took out my baby on one of my social media platforms and was very fortunate to make a new friend. This #SEXYSTONER#SEXYSTONER was sweet enough to offer and pick me up, bring me a cup, take me to Starbucks, Dunkin, go to the coffee grocery store you name it. She was getting me a cup of joe no matter how it had to happen, she indeed understood my needs and we have been good friends ever since!

While we still lag behind our European friends in coffee consumption (the U.S. ranks 25th in coffee consumption at 9.26 lbs (4.2 kg) of coffee consumed per person per year, Finland ranks 1st at 26.45 lbs (12 kg) per person per year – according to World Atlas), the U.S. consumption has increased by an entire 2 lbs (1 kg) in the last five years, and there is no sign of that trend stopping.

Coffee, Cannabis & Conversation @ | Chae Cafe & Eatery |

This #sexystoners#sexystoners adventure begins at the beautiful Chae Café & Eater