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It's a pleasure to meet you and thanks so much for taking the time to visit our website and learn a little more about us.  My name is Melina (aka Sexymama) and I continue this adventure in entrepreneurship to teach my handsome sons a little about life and its wonders, along with the joys of shopping and the fabulous people we come in contact with every single day.


I started as a little girl in my grandparents store helping with the stock, dusting, learning about customer service and from time to time could even ring people up.  When the store was slow, I can remember sitting on the floor and playing with the ceramic animals and creating a fairytale forest, and other times ringing all the doorbells on the wall to hear the different chime sounds -  that was probably my favorite . . . after a little too much noise my uncle 'Bob' would point me in the direction of the the floor to my quiet place with all the ceramic animals or take me to the back workbench to watch my grandpa fix lamps.  I definitely learned a lot in those visits to my grandparents.  


There store was open for 52 years and they sold everything under the sun, from jewelry, fenton art glass, lamps, door chimes, wedding supplies, anniversary gifts, ceramics, dishes,  crystal and so much more.  After their passing my uncle ran the store and then when it was time for him to move on and start his next chapter my mother and I moved from Chicago and took over the store.  We did a bit of remodeling to bring it up to date and that was an exciting time. But the fun had just begun. As the store changed so did the customer involvement. We began to have lots' of fun store parties' . . . from pajama parties to Christmas in July events. As the Champagne fountain flowed and the  hor' d'oeuvres circulated the buzz in the air was fun and festive.  We had rustic a chili mac buffett and the Cow Bell Celebration (you had to be there - it's a Canton thing), you name it, we did it, and had a blast each and every time.


We held classes on diy before it was diy.  Teaching customers to make candles, soaps, drying flowers along with countless other activities.  For our family it was more than just selling product, it was about connecting with the community and building a relationship.  This is a lesson I want my children to learn, it's about the connections that last us a lifetime. The memories we cherish.

To sum it all up, "About Me", I am a child of God, lover of all things unique, and blessed with an amazing family that supports all the things I do, no matter how crazy sometimes.  Please enjoy the site and if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Like I always say "You never know unless you ask!"

Just remember my new friend - 

It's not about the day you were born, or the day you die . . . it's about the dash in the middle. So go live life to the fullest. Take chances. Fall, and get back up. But most importantly, love everyone, laugh out loud and enjoy the crazy ride. 


   Melina !


I love you mom!
Thank you for everything!


The deep thinker.


I love you both,  to the moon and back!

Mr. Tell it like it is!

Just me!

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