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It's a wonder what you can do with a Wonder Wand.


  • Bracelet Buddy
  • ATM/CC Helper
  • Enables you to smoke comfortably even in wet areas such as the pool, Jacuzzi and the beach 
  • Pass a toke to your friends easily without getting out of your comfort zone.


Who doesn't love a multifunctional tool.


Each eye catching creation is an original, hand made design, for you to cherish & enjoy. Our Wonder Wands come in a varient of designs made of a multitude of beautiful materials. 


Materials: Wonder Wands may include, but not limited too...Glass, Wooden, Faceted, Round, Smooothe, Firepolish, Ceramic, Frozen/Frosted, Mistic, Shamballa and Clay beads.


Aligator Clip: These handcrafted wire alligator clips are made of high-quality alloy material and are plated with zinc, which will not be easily rusted and is durable.


Wonder Wands Make Great Gift Ideas!      


SIZE: 4.75"


WARNING: This item is not a toy. Do not leave children unsupervised with the item. Not suitable for 10yrs of age or under.

Night Sky

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