TWR | The Peak Plaza Dispensary

My Interest is Peaked!

I remember the first time I saw the sign, it said "Dispensary" and I was EXCITED! I didn't even have my medical card yet. Heck, the law had just passed and CBD places where everywhere, but not dispensaries . . . so to see this sign go up, I knew it wouldn't be long - I was filled with questions, when will it open, how many more dispensaries will pop up, what will the prices be, will it be like Colorado or Cali. OMGoodness, so excited!

Well, the time finally came for the doors to open, and for me to try it out! I noticed they had a few locations, but this particular location was close to my job, and, I'm a big fan of HELIX carts, and my regular place didn't have them in stock for over three weeks, so, when I saw The Peak Dispensary carried the Helix carts, and had my favorite flavor - you can't go wrong with Jack Herer - I had to high-tail it over there and check it all out!

I was very lucky and got a parking spot right in front of the dispensary, as parking is a bit challenging in this area . . . and so the adventure began.

I must say, I was impressed. When you first walk in, to your right you will see some beautiful hand blown glass accessories, they range from carb caps to wind chimes and a little something in-between. These items on display, are hand crafted by a local artist, who I must say is very talented. The hand blown Monster Carb Cap happens to be my fave. After you're checked in, you walk down a short hall past the ATM to the "Bud Counter". I had a seat on the comfy bar stool, and my bud-tender began to educate me on the many different strains they carried and how they could help me. My bud-tender also explained how The Peak Dispensary decided to set the standard for medical marijuana and they are testing for THC & CBD content, heavy metals and pesticides, terpene profiles and more across the board for all of the medical marijuana products that they sell, and I was indeed very impressed with that. You deserve to know exactly what's in your cannabis products to help you make the most informed medical decisions for yourself.