TWR | The Green Room Cannabis Company

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

This is the place to get that good good!

The afternoon I stopped into the Green Room Cannabis Company at 7601 N. May Ave., it was perfect timing. Ron and his wife Roxanne, the owners, had just opened the day before. They invited us to look around and smell the bud. His lovely wife Roxanne was our bud-tender and very helpful - although she's very new to the game, she is a quick learner and she keeps Ron on task and was very helpful. The Green Room Cannabis Company has a great location right next to the Domino's Pizza. Get your marijuana and munchies taken care of in one stop - who can resist!

This building has lots of character, thanks to Ron and his ingenuity. The inside is very inviting. clean and uplifting. Convenient parking in the front for quick access.

The Green Room has a good setup with separate stations for flower, concentrates and paraphernalia. The selection at the concentrate station was solid. I don’t think you will be disappointed with what they have to offer. The concentrates available were Urban Flora and Arbuckle Farms. In this case, they had both live resin, shatter and diamonds. I appreciated the option of the 1/2 gram concentrate, as it was one that I've seen around but was not willing to spend 90$ on a gram. It was a very pleasurable experience and it didn't break the bank.