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TWR | Miracle Meds Dispensary - Edmond

Miracle Meds doesn't look like your typical dispensary. It reminds me more of a wholesale house. Stuff was everywhere, from paperwork to clones to boxes, just lots of stuff. I saw several worker bees and all were very busy. Let's just say being a fashion-plate dispensary was not at the top of the list, but the product is. With that said, the ladies were super sweet and very informative.

When you first walk into the dispensary it smells very earthy, and then you see all the plants along the wall, soooo many plants. WOW is all I can say. The many many clones were very beautiful and big. The only problem is, if you get one, they're not sure if it's a male or female, at least with mine she wasn't sure. She did tell me to bring it back if it were a male and she would swap it out. So until I now for sure this guy/gal will get a room of it's own. Hopefully, they will get that straightened out soon. But, the plants were indeed very healthy and beautiful.

At the time of my visit they had some really great deals going on, carts, flower and concentrates were all on sale. Not to mention if you spent $100 you can get a seedling for a penny. Sound like a good deal to me, so I did it! I purchased a few different items and once I sampled the product I came back the next day and got more, I wasn't going to pass up this product at these prices! I'm a more bang for your buck kinda girl!

The product I tried was very, very good - obviously - I went back the next day and got even more. I will definitely say, I left feeling well taken care of, happy and informed.

They happen to have a strain called unicorn farts, and it smelled very unusual - not at all like farts, lol, so I gave it a try. I have to say, it was really good. This strain was very terpy and fresh. I did however make the mistake of doing a wake and bake and found myself needing a nap. Unicorn Farts is bit of a heavy indica for me, but definitely enjoyable. I will definitely be putting this on my list for my night time meds.

I'm loving this dispensary and the bud-tenders, it is fast becoming one of my favorite places to visit. Keep your eyes open for the steals & deals they'll be having. I advise that you check often, as things can change in the blink of an eye at the dispensaries. The deal they have this week might not be the deal they have the next. I say this only because, no dispensary is created equal as some keep the same thing going, and others will change it up!

Miracle Meds Dispensary is located at 701 S Kelly Ave STE D in Edmond, Oklahoma, where they have you covered on all your medical marijuana needs. It is definitely worth the visit.

A personal favorite. You should give it a try!




  • Several different strains of flower

  • Carts

  • Clones

  • Concentrates

  • Edibles

  • Tinctures

  • Seeds

  • ATM on premises

First Time Patient Discount 10% Off & Veterans 10% Off Everyday!





Unicorn Fart - Indica


3HH > Very nice > knock out weed >


17 out of 25

Only smoke in the evening, nite, nite meds.



Master Kush


This is the shit! Amazing terpes so flavorful > such an incredible high


25 out of 25

The Bootlegger Brand Shatter is up there with the BCC Collective Dispensary, it's beautiful to look at, smells amazing and is the bomb to smoke!



White Widow - Hybrid


This shit is smooth, like smoking a cloud! Amazing terpes > flavorful > floral


18 out of 25



Trainwreck - Sativa



In the rotation to be smoked.



The Cheese - Indica



in he rotation to be smoked.



GG OG - Hybrid



in the rotation to be smoked.



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