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Cannabis Distillate | What is it and why is it important?

Cannabis Oil Distillate

Cannabis distillate is making waves as a new kind of cannabis concentrate. It is an odorless, tasteless extract obtained using high heat extraction. It results in 100% pure cannabinoid. Distillation is a technique for creating cannabis extracts that are pure on a molecular level.

THC Oils, Hash, Wax Shatter & Dabs

Many believe that concentrates will soon surpass the sales volume of traditional cannabis flower - market wide.

Concentrates are products made from the cannabis plant that have been processed to keep only the most desirable plant compounds (primarily the cannabinoids and terpenes), while removing excess plant material and other impurities. Ounce for ounce, cannabis concentrates have a greater proportion of cannabinoids and terpenes when compared to natural cannabis flowers.

Concentrates can also help increase the potency of your flower. The next time you pack a bowl with cannabis flower, try sprinkling kief on top, or add drops of concentrate oil to cannabis flower before rolling your joint.

Cannabis concentrate products can also be consumed on their own. For example, concentrates can be vaporized using a portable vaporizer or dab rig (this activity is referred to as “dabbing”). Dabbing has quickly become one of the most popular consumption methods in the market.


A different kind of Concentrate.

Marijuana concentrates can come in many different forms. Ultimately, your end product will depend on the extraction method used to create your concentrate. It wasn’t long ago when there were not many options on the market for these products. In recent years new developments in technology and advancements in extraction processes has made this genre one of the most varied and exciting forms of consumption.

The two most common types of extraction are solvent-based and solventless extraction. In layman’s terms, solvent-based involves using chemical and organic solvents to dissolve the trichomes of the marijuana plant to separate the plant material from the cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving you with highly concentrated product. Some of the most popular solvent-based methods include butane, propane, ethanol, and CO2. CO2 is particularly popular as it doesn’t require any addition of chemicals throughout the process, which typically results in the purest and safest products. However, it is also by far the most expensive and complex method, so only the most cutting-edge manufacturers are able to utilize CO2 extraction.

Solventless extraction methods do not utilize any chemical or organic solvents, except water, in the extraction process and are strictly mechanical in nature. Many consumers prefer solventless concentrates for this reason as there is no chance of intaking any undesired residual solvents, although this isn’t a huge concern if you’re purchasing concentrates from trusted and reliable manufacturers. Solventless extraction implements different combinations of applying water, heat, and pressure to achieve the final products, the specific methods of which depend on the concentrate you are looking to achieve. Common forms of solventless extracts include kief, hash, and rosin.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while dabbing cannabis concentrates, take note of the following dabbing tips:

Avoid low-quality products. Only purchase lab-tested cannabis concentrates from reputable sources, and ask your bud-tender about testing results and recommendations.

Learn to use a dab rig properly. This includes understanding the tools involved, being mindful of heating devices and hot surfaces, and investing in a dab rig you feel comfortable with.

Never attempt to perform chemical extraction at home. If you’re interested in experimenting with concentrates safely, try making your own rosin.

Dose your concentrates responsibly. Start with less: a tiny dab can be much stronger than a full bowl of flower. The good news with dabs: you don’t have to consume as much to feel the same effects!

Proper dosing can be a little tricky due to the high THC density of concentrates, but consulting with your bud-tender or an experienced dabber beforehand can help avoid the undesirable experience of consuming too much.

Grip & Rip baby! Happy Dabbing!


Thanks for keeping me company and letting me have a space to share this with you. I’ll be back again soon with another post/video, until then please remember to be safe and responsible with your cannabis use, puff puff pass the love, and smoke weed daily,


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