Why Is Sparkling Water Served with |Espresso|

Inquiring minds want to know. . .

Have you ever been to a cafe and ordered espresso and not been given sparkling water or even the option of mineral water? Well, I have, and I was very surprised, this was a first for me. Interestingly enough they hadn't even heard of it. So, a quick education ensued.


According to some stories, the espresso was initially served with a glass of water so that the customer could make sure that the water was clean and drinkable. After all, it was not always crystal clear in the cities. Over time, tap water was replaced by sparkling water. For the Italians, however, it doesn’t have to be sparkling as long as it is mineral water. The minerals contained in the water cleanse our palate and stimulate the taste buds before the first sip of espresso, which is a sensually saturated and intense drink. After drinking the espresso, you are the boss. If the coffee was great, you enjoy the long aftertaste of the coffee. If what you’ve drunk turns out to be nasty, clean water will save you, washing away the bad taste.

My sparkling water came in very handy when the #sexystoners#sexystoners went to Copley for Coffee, Cannabis & Conversation.