Why do women use more CBD then men?

Does CBD affect men and women differently?

Written by Lee Sheinberg

CBD is short for Cannabidiol is derived from the Marijuana plant. CBD, the non-psychoactive compound the cousin of THC. CBD is known for its potential for reliving health conditions like pain, anxiety, inflammation and neurological disorders.

Is it True that Women Use more CBD then Men?

The global health phenomenon of CBD and its recognition is so noticeable, that everyone is talking about it. As CBD continues to gain popularity for its medical ability to treat medical symptoms, many questions arise about what is CBD and how does it work? What form of consumption? tinctures or cbd gummies What symptoms or illnesses may CBD Oil treat? Is it legal? And even, does CBD affect men and women differently?

“According to a survey conducted by Brightfield Group and Hello MD, women constitute 55% of the 2,400 surveyed CBD users. Here are some trivial reasons as to why women use CBD more than men.