Vegan Friendly Cannabis Edibles

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when I visited a Michael's store here in OKC, to pick up some canvas and paint for a photo shoot project I had in mind. Upon checkout, the cashier asked about my t-shirt and the meaning behind it. When I explained I checked out local dispensaries and the products they carried, she was excited and gave me a quest. She wanted to find VEGAN EDIBLES that were local and good. So I set out on a mission to do just that, and this is what I found. . .

It's nice to see cannabis edibles moving towards a healthier option. While the supply is still slim, there are brands committing to having a line with only vegan options. and other brands that carry both. On this quest I discovered a growing amount of vegan products hitting shelves and catering to consumers seeking animal-free products.

With vegan and vegetarian options sure to grow in the coming years, a multitude of animal friendly edibles are likely to hit shelves sooner than later. I hope to see more health conscious options available at a dispensary near you very soon as this trend advances. Now, wherever you purchase your cannabis edibles, you need to know if they're coming from an honest source that won't harm your way of living, especially if you're vegan.