TWR | Green Leaf Supply Co.

One stop shop!

I had a new place to try on my list today called Green Leaf Supply Co., located on 39th street, here in the beautiful OKC.

I arrived at noon for the deal not knowing they opened at 3:00 on a Sunday - I guess it helps if you read the entire page - LOL! I made it back at 2:50 and a small crowd had formed . . . everybody waiting on those steals & deals I guess. It's hard to pass up $35 grams for Sunday shatterday deals!

Upon entry the bud-tender seemed a little bit flustered because of the crowd and the fact that he was all alone - but props to him - he handled it very well, As I patiently waited my turn (and overheard some of the conversations/questions) I can say the bud-tender was very knowledgeable and informative and most importantly, friendly. When you get a chance stop on by and make sure to try out the deals.

Check out any upcoming deals here.