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Puff Puff Pass Etiquette

Whether you’re a longtime smoker or dabber or first-time smoker or dabbler, in the world of cannabis, be aware that certain rules apply.

High Sexy Stoner!

As an experienced cannabis lover you may know these unspoken rules of the smoking sesh, but sometimes we forget to share this wisdom with newbies; what puff puff pass really means. It isn’t just a saying that stoners say when they’re baked. It’s etiquette rule #1.

Etiquette Rule

#1: Puff Puff Pass

The first rule of the smoke circle is to always “puff puff pass”. This means you never take more than two puffs or hits from the joint or blunt before you pass it. Don’t be that guy who takes three puffs, or god forbid four puffs. The only way to guarantee everybody gets an equal share of the joint or blunt is to puff puff pass. When everyone in the circle takes the same amount of hits, everybody gets an equal amount. In most smoke circles, it is common — if not expected — for everybody to pitch in. So, if there are five people in the circle, five people will contribute their bud to the blunt or joint. If the joint makes the rounds twice, then everybody will get four hits. The smoke circle is all about equality.

Etiquette Rule

#2: Left is Law

Rule number two when it comes to the smoke circle directly follows the puff puff pass rule. Experienced circles are aware that one must always pass to the left. Its origins reach all the way back to Rastafarianism, in which the one who lights the joint or blunt would pass clockwise. The exception is in a time of war, during which it is passed counterclockwise. Luckily, World War III hasn’t happened yet, so we can keep on passing to the left in the name of peace. Always remember, puff puff pass to the left unless you want to spark confusion in your circle.

Etiquette Rule

#3: Be a Good Host

If you decide to host your own smoke session at your house, always be prepared. There is nothing worse than an invitation over to someone’s place to smoke, only to have nothing to do afterward but sit on the couch and watch TV.

Always have food on deck, as we all know that’s the first thing most of us want after consuming our favorite strain.

If you’d rather be healthy and stay away from the snacks, then keep it simple and grab some nuts, or chocolates and toss into a ramekin and share the love. Maybe you want to explore your artistic side with a charcuterie board. The choices are endless.

Next is entertainment. Grab the controllers and and enjoy the rush. But, even if you don’t have any board games or video games close at hand, just having some music playing to set the mood can make a big difference.

Etiquette Rule

#4: Don’t Pressure Your Guests

Whether it’s trying to get someone to take a first-time dab or even a big bong rip that they wouldn’t otherwise take, never pressure someone into doing something they don’t want to do. Sure, it can be funny to watch somebody come close to death from the coughing fit that ensues after a big hit. But it can also have negative results like fainting or vomiting. Not so funny.

  • Cannabis is a wondrous plant with a variety of effects — none of which should be taken lightly.

  • If somebody says no to another hit, don’t be that jerk that embarrasses them to the point that they feel obligated.

  • Just don’t be a dick.

Etiquette Rule

#5: Know What You’re Smoking

We are past the point where people will smoke anything as long as it’s weed. With all the new technology and product labeling in the legal cannabis world today, standards are higher.

  • You should always know the strain, concentrate, or edible you are consuming. There's no reason not to.

Don’t be sneaky. If you decide to surprise your friends with some tasty gummies you just picked up, let them know they are infused. The last thing you want is somebody eating a handful thinking they are just candy, only to find them passed out on the bathroom floor an hour later.

When it comes to concentrates and flower, the details given at your local dispensary should be plenty.

From THC to CBD and CBN, the labeling on strains tells you everything you need to know. If you’re going to a dispensary for the first time, pay attention to THC, as the higher the percentage, the more potent it is.

It may also help to know specific weed measurements so that you can pick up the right amount for your smoke sesh. If you're still not sure what cannabis strain to get or how much, be sure to ask your bud tender for assistance. That's what they are there for!

Etiquette Rule

#6: Be Prepared to Share

It’s standard and expected for everybody to contribute to a private smoke sesh.

But when you are out and about and decide to whip out a blunt, you must accept responsibility for the smoke sesh that will inevitably form around you.

A cannabis lover will smell it from across the room and seek out the source. Always expect to share with a couple other people. The cannabis community is generous and kind, and you can almost always expect the favor to be repaid eventually. And if not, at least you get the good karma.

Puff Puff Pass (Pass The Love)

Have Fun and Relax!

  • You have two options when it comes to a smoke sesh and its rules. You can stress about the rules and yell at anybody who passes to the right. Or you can just enjoy the experience and hope for a nice long high.

  • So sit back, relax, and enjoy the good company of friends and family while you proceed to get super baked!


Do you follow any special rules when you smoke? I'd love to know, leave me a comment.



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