Puff Puff Pass Etiquette

Whether you’re a longtime smoker or dabber or first-time smoker or dabbler, in the world of cannabis, be aware that certain rules apply.

High Sexy Stoner!

As an experienced cannabis lover you may know these unspoken rules of the smoking sesh, but sometimes we forget to share this wisdom with newbies; what puff puff pass really means. It isn’t just a saying that stoners say when they’re baked. It’s etiquette rule #1.

Etiquette Rule

#1: Puff Puff Pass

The first rule of the smoke circle is to always “puff puff pass”. This means you never take more than two puffs or hits from the joint or blunt before you pass it. Don’t be that guy who takes three puffs, or god forbid four puffs. The only way to guarantee everybody gets an equal share of the joint or blunt is to puff puff pass. When everyone in the circle takes the same amount of hits, everybody gets an equal amount. In most smoke circles, it is common — if not expected — for everybody to pitch in. So, if there are five people in the circle, five people will contribute their bud to the blunt or joint. If the joint makes the rounds twice, then everybody will get four hits. The smoke circle is all about equality.