TWR | It's a Straiin Alright!

What happened to quality & customer service?

I have passed by the Straiin many times located at 4041 NW 39th St, here in

Oklahoma City. This quaint dispensary is nestled next door to the 7-11 and I had this place on my list to check out, but I had to stop in sooner rather than later after I heard this story and read a few of the reviews.

Let us begin with the story I heard. . .

Patient "A" (who has a OMMA card) took his friend "Mr.E" (who does not have a card) into the Straiin and no one there asked for any ID/Medical Card or anything when they entered. The bud-tender asked what they were looking for and then began to pull out jar after jar of cannabis. They both got to smell and check out the products, they looked at carts, wax and the many items they had to offer. When it came time to check out, the friend "Mr.E", put his cart on the counter, and Patient "A" pulled out his OMMA Card and made the purchase. They left the establishment and went on their merry way.

Hmm, just not sure how I feel about others being able to just waltz into a dispensary without credentials. If it were recreational here, then of course no problem, but it's not!