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TWR | It's a Straiin Alright!

What happened to quality & customer service?

I have passed by the Straiin many times located at 4041 NW 39th St, here in

Oklahoma City. This quaint dispensary is nestled next door to the 7-11 and I had this place on my list to check out, but I had to stop in sooner rather than later after I heard this story and read a few of the reviews.

Let us begin with the story I heard. . .

Patient "A" (who has a OMMA card) took his friend "Mr.E" (who does not have a card) into the Straiin and no one there asked for any ID/Medical Card or anything when they entered. The bud-tender asked what they were looking for and then began to pull out jar after jar of cannabis. They both got to smell and check out the products, they looked at carts, wax and the many items they had to offer. When it came time to check out, the friend "Mr.E", put his cart on the counter, and Patient "A" pulled out his OMMA Card and made the purchase. They left the establishment and went on their merry way.

Hmm, just not sure how I feel about others being able to just waltz into a dispensary without credentials. If it were recreational here, then of course no problem, but it's not!

Let us continue. . .

Reading other reviews online this is not the first time this has happened. A patient had his card in his hand the entire time and they never checked it or entered anything in the system. This is not how things are supposed to work. Oklahoma has some of the best and easiest laws to follow of Medical Marijuana and I don't want shady shit like this to cause any problems for any patients or other upstanding dispensaries -- Again, if it were recreational, this would be an entirely different review.

Now for my 1st experience. . .

Let's start by saying I like nice things, nice places, and like to be treated nicely (well fuck who doesn't). After checking out reviews on Leafly & Reddit before going over to the Straiin, one particular review stood out to me. This customer said that they were ignored and had to wait, they took other customers before them and after it was mentioned to the bud-tender, they finally got waited on, but they were very close to leaving. The other reviews I read were good and they enjoyed their experience and the weed, but they mostly liked the location and that it was close to them. I have to say, my experience the first time was not a good one. No, they didn't ask to see any ID when I entered, Yes, they have a nice variety of some big bud and If any of you follow my IG/FB/Twitter pages @rsg.sexymama, you know how much I love my big buds and they had lots of nice big buds to choose from. My bud-tender looked high as hell and spoke very softly and I'm all good with that, he just acted like I was putting him out asking him to look at the jars of cannabis. I tried to turn a jar to get a closer look at the bud I wanted and he held onto the jar with his superman strength - like I was going to grab this monstrosity (big ass jars, see picture below) push the other three customers over the couch out of the way, and run out the door - He explained "I have to hold onto the jar", I went "Okay, just trying to pick out the right bud for me." I explained that I take pictures of the flower, feature it on my social media and take it for a test drive to see just how good it is so I can pass that information on to everyone else! Not to mention it's my MEDICINE! He seemed very annoyed, and after looking at the bud in the third jar his vibes were just off, I didn't feel like he wanted to be there nor did he want me there --so I said fuck it and just left. I did not make a purchase on that visit, and still no one asked for any ID.

The place is clean, cool decor and they seem to have a very nice selection of bud along with many other products to chose from. They had the attitude that if I din't buy the next customer would.

Unfortunately, I have heard many disturbing things about this dispensary, like the flower is not flushed properly, they get it from out of state, etc.

Now for my 2nd experience. . .

Wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I went back a few days later to try this again. Only two other customers on site, so I figured I had a chance of this being a better experience . . .the young lady that waited on me was knowledgeable, but AGAIN seemed a bit perturbed with me asking to look at more than one strain. I explained again what I was looking for (big nugs/pictures/review,etc.). I will say this, the nugs were nice in size but when the jar was opened I saw very little to no trichomes and very little to no smell at all. This made it a bit more difficult to pick - again this is my medicine. After looking at two jars (not 12, but 2) she went to another customer and then a young man took over and he began to show me more bud. He was pleasant enough, and informed me that he would cut off the stem from the bud (but keep in mind he weighed it first with the stem on, and it was a big stem - at this point I don't know weather to laugh or cry). As he begins to package up my flower I asked who the grower was, the young lady explained that they get their product from a few different growers, I then asked if they had any paperwork to show me on the specific strain I was about to purchase . . .the young lady said it was not up to them to get that it was up to the grower, and they only bought from growers that had paperwork - yet they had nothing for me to look at. Hmmm, I finally got my 2-gram bud at $15 gram and went to pay at the register. The gentlemen (my third bud-tender now) then asked if anyone had checked me in, and I said "NOPE" so he asked for information and he gave me a 10% discount for my 1st time patient purchase.

I did notice that the other customers that came in were not asked to check in either. Nor did they check any ID of the person I was with, who looked at the weed and the vapes and then he sat on the couch waiting for me to finish my purchase.

I will say this, it was a much better experience then the first time, but for sure, I would not recommend this place, even if it were the last dipso in OKC. I would suggest you go to your trap first! Over-priced weed. Poor service.

I was going to try for a third visit just to see if things had changed, but after smoking the bud I purchased for the money I paid, it's against my better judgement. I wish them well and hope they step it up.




  • Many strains of flower

  • Concentrates

  • Carts

  • Edibles

  • Tinctures

  • Paraphernalia

  • First time patient discount

  • Veterans Discount

We promise to give you the most professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate service in the industry.
This was not true in my experience. I hope your experience is better.







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