Their advertising is off the chain but how is the dispensary?

What a very friendly and welcoming dispensary. Security Guard on duty, comfortable waiting area, educational reading material (always a plus) and the employees are knowledgeable about their products and work to give you the best medicine for your individual needs.

The bud-tenders are also patients, and listen to you, and ask question to help understand exactly what you need, and they really want to us feel better! I love that about everyone here.

If you've ever driven down Western Ave, you can't miss the many billboards and bus benches that advertise this quaint dispensary, located on the main drag of Old Britton Town, on Route 66 in Oklahoma City. Happy Root 420 was the first medical marijuana dispensary established in Oklahoma. And this marketing campaign was hard hitting, to the point and definitely got the word out to all patients near and far this is the place to be! Happy Root 420 Dispensary is centrally located, easy to get to and has exactly what you need. Here for the patients in need, not to mention, the owner and budtenders are patients too.