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Growing your own Medication.

Indoor grows tend to be shorter than outdoor grows.

Okay so our ladies have been in the tent for a little bit now. They have grown up enough to move over to their 5 gallon home. Transplanting will enable our ladies to start experiencing explosive growth into a big beautiful healthy plant.

Transplanting also helps to promote bigger healthier roots. If you take a seed and plant it in, say, a 5 gallon container, it will surely grow, but it may not grow into the biggest plant possible. This is because it has such a large space to fill and has to send roots out far from the center to feed. The result is less healthy root growth. Now take that same plant and keep it in a smaller space where it’s roots have only so much space to develop in, promotes a lot of root development.

Transplanting into a bigger container with an established root ball means bigger, healthier roots that grow into the size of the container they are in. Transplanting up to larger containers until you get to Flower means a large root system which means larger plants with many more trichomes (which equals greater potency). So go to your favorite clone dispensary and get started on being in charge of you health and growing the right medication for you!.


Get your clones here :

  • The Joint Cannabis Club

  • Miracle Meds Dispensary

  • The Greens of Central Oklahoma

  • Emerald Elite THC

  • Get Bak'd

If your looking to start with seeds you can pick some up here :

  • The joint Cannabis Club


How to Grow | A Beginner’s Guide

Step 1: Consider the Climate

Step 2: Pick a Space for Your Garden

Step 3: Decide on Genetics

Step 4: Acquire Some Soil

Step 5: Get Some Fertilizer

Step 6: Choose Your Containers

Step 7: Give Your Plants Water

Step 8: Protect Your Cannabis Plants


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