Pain Fighting Cannabis Tea | Easy To Make Healthy To Drink

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Evidence suggests drinking cannabis could help. Cannabinoids, compounds in cannabis like THC and CBD, have pain-fighting properties. When you ingest a cannabis drink, the active ingredients in the plant are absorbed through the digestive track and liver. Typically, it takes about 30-90 minutes for the tea to take effect.

Why is this important?

The pain relief is ongoing. Similar to edibles, you’ll normally feel the effects for around 4-8 hours, but it could take as long as two hours before you notice onset of effects. Because of the slow acting, but long-lasting effects, cannabis-infused tea can be particularly helpful for chronic conditions like cancer, AIDS, MS, and rheumatoid arthritis. Instead of dosing several times throughout the day, one cup of tea provides extended pain relief.

  • Next to stress, anxiety and depression are among the most common ailments people experience.

Studies show that cannabis contains powerful neuroprotective properties and plays a major role in regulating emotional behavior. These effects can be explained in part by the numerous components of cannabis. Cannabis contains antioxidants that help repair cells and protect DNA from damage. It also happens to be a potent anti-inflammatory, which can help with brain swelling.

A cup of tea makes everything better! For anyone looking to consume cannabis without going the more traditional smoking route, cannabis tea is here to save your day. So, what is this? Cannabis tea is simply tea made with cannabis.