Caliedascope Radio Network

The Music & Talk You Love, Real Radio Is Back!

I want to give a big thanks to a new friend for turning me on to this awesome digital radio station. I am so grateful to him. This station has the perfect vibe for work or play and informative in-between. I was bumping Snoop Dogg one minute and Creed the next and found out some pretty cool information about Canna-Love LLC ...this truly is the station for me! Know what's going on in OKC and the weed industry, while getting your vibe on.

Oklahoma has become the nation's fastest-growing marijuana market with over 140,000 patients and over 5,000 businesses starting in the first year! We also have more dispensaries than any other state in the country. We are launching a new digital radio station targeted to this expanding industry. With access online, through our app, and your favorite digital radio platforms, podcast services, and educational content, we can reach listeners anywhere worldwide 365, 24-7.

We will feature live shows, interviews, podcasts, and of course a playlist featuring marijuana-related music from country, to hip-hop, rock, jazz, and more! Powered by the Caliedascope Radio Network with over a half of century of radio expertise. Check out a unique listening experience.

Cannabis business owners now have a digital station they can advertise and speak freely about their products and promotions with-out worrying about the regulation and scrutiny of traditional radio and many social media platforms. </