TWR | BCC Collective

Oklahoma's Premier Cannabis Company

I will be visiting this dispensary on a regular basis, that's for sure!

BCC Collective grows, processes, packages and sells retail in the same building which I love. BCC Collective has some of the best flower and concentrates I've had in OKC and on a consistent basis, not to mention the artwork on the building is awesome! When I first walked thru the door I was a bit startled as the guard stood up with his wand to check me for weapons, then I thought about it for a second and was appreciative of the security they took to keep everyone safe.

When I went to the counter my bud-tender was not the friendliest, not that she was mean or disrespectful in anyway - she was just there (or really, really high). I purchased my 20$ gram - ouch! But, that seemed to be the going rate of top shelf in many dispos at the time. . . I received my cannabis in a very nice glass jar, which was a plus in my book, since the material you choose to store you cannabis in actually has a significant effect on the flavor, quality, and even potency of the weed, just as long as you keep it in a dark place and away from any direct light, I digress. The product is prepackaged, which I was a bit concerned about at first, as I prefer deli style service. But, I was not disappointed with the quality of the flower, not one bit. The trichomes were beautiful and the terpes were off the chart! I went back a couple more times and was about to say "It's time to find another place to go" - as the bud-tender was still not welcoming in any way . . . but on the third visit BAM, it was like night and day. My bud-tender was very friendly, interactive and suggested some great product to try. I tried what she suggested, and I'm very, very pleased I did because it was fire!

BCC Collective’s is located at 1015 NW 1st Street in Oklahoma City, where they have an 11,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility. BCC Collective offers a selection of premium medical cannabis products including flowers, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, concentrates and more.

They have a lunchbox special which is fabulous and a great way to try different strains. The lunchbox special is a bargain for just 15$ out the door. You get a preroll & a gram of Top-Shelf, or you can choose to get the Platinum-Shelf for 30$ (limit five per customer). Just remember The Lunchbox Special is only from 12:00- 2:00. I find this is a great way to try the product without breaking the bank!

If you get a chance to stop by this dispensary, I suggest you try a lunch box special and if you enjoy dabbing - you can't go wrong with any of the choices!