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Hanging Art Gallery Style

I believe having art in your home or office is the most important finishing touch. Art is important, and it has nothing to do with money. In fact, art is the one area of your home where the value is not related to money at all, and a found object can be as valuable as anything you buy in a gallery.  But presenting (and certainly hanging) it can be a challenge, and getting it right makes a huge difference in how you feel about it in a room. So I’ve got a tip that will help you never screw it up! 

It’s simple.  Feel free to adapt it.  Here it is: hang anything you like, any size you like, but hang it at 57″ on center.


Art hanging professionals know how to hang art in groups, to attract and engage viewers more effectively than single pieces can.  When showing artworks, it’s important to create intriguing displays, that catch the eye and engage the mind. Arranging works into groups can help accomplish this, as it lets you mix and match images and create a combined work that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Gallery Art Wall Ideas



  • Space Obviously one of the key elements of your gallery wall will be the space that you want to put it in, mainly in terms of the size of the wall. But don’t feel you have to fill the whole wall – you can do a vertical or horizontal section only if that works better or if your collection is limited.

  • Collection The types of frames and elements that you want to integrate will determine the best gallery layout, and whether it is symmetrical or more random in the layout. Rule of thumb? If you have similar sized frames or identical type pieces, go for symmetry, if you have more eclectic pieces a random design will be better.

  • Design When deciding on your gallery wall, think about the design of the room and how the art or collection will add to that. Also consider how the furniture and colour palette will work together.

Hang That Art With Confidence

I have discovered that if you stick to this standard (the 57" rule), you create a harmony among ALL the pictures in your home, as they will all share a midline as you look around your spaces, no matter what outside dimensions may be. This creates harmony and is also very good.

Happy Hanging!

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